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Even in this scene, Eugene was already really being a good guy towards Rapunzel … even though he was basically being blackmailed into helping her … you can see his kind soul already

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lucifierrr Asked:
Do you think you're spoiling Ashtyn by taking her to disneyland all the time?





The short answer? Yes :) & I will continue to do so until the day I die and then some.

If my daughter chooses to settle down when she is older, I want her expectations of that man or woman to be nothing short of astronomical, and not solely in material goods - we spoil her with overwhelming amounts of love and attention.

Being “spoiled” has a negative connotation. When you are raised to appreciate the things people do for you and understand how special they are, you don’t grow up spoiled - you grow to be grateful of the opportunities you have had and how you came to experience them.

Reblogging because I really like this!

How is taking your child so often going to make her appreciate the experience? How is spoiling her in a material way which is indeed what you’re doing going to make her appreciate anyone she’s with in the future? So she should only appreciate constantly being spoilt in every kind of way and not just appreciate a person for who they are and not what they do for her? Ok.

I think you’ve missed the point in a huge way so I will break it down for you: My daughter doesn’t know the cost of a Disneyland pass - she’s not even 2 years old. She isn’t sitting on Splash Mountain thinking “wow, I really love when my dad spends $600 on a Disneyland pass.” She’s having a positive experience with people that love her.

I can evoke the same emotional responses from her by venturing to the pool, park, building a couch fort, playing music on my guitar, reading a book, or singing in the car. Disneyland is ONE location we visit together that is highly publicized on my blog because people like, reblog, and are interested in the happiest place on earth.

If you took 2 seconds to read my blog or send me a message you would understand that everything you said in your few ignorant sentences is empty, bitter, and unfounded.

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reblog because wow what a great quality audio file this is

wow this file really is high quality

im kind of shocked 

i thought the comments were being sarcastic im not sure if im disappointed or not

awesome, it came back :D

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1997 v/s 2013

holy shit

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